Shahar Tishler

Untitled (Daniel)



H 25cm
W 40cm

With passepartout
55 x 35cm


Artist Statement

I create stills and video photography. My work is mainly characterized by portrait photography. I try to produce projects that beyond art will also influence the people who take part in the work with me.

I am looking for the human encounter that is created between the photographer and the person being photographed. Through it, I explore how we as humans can complement each other and work together.

I seek to know the other that is different from me, and through him to know myself more.

The image, is a part of a documentary series called “The People of Haifa” which is a tribute to the “People of the 20th Century” by August Sander. Taken with Analog film camera – 33mm. 1/100. fl I . 400asa . Nikon NF80, 50 mm lens. ILFORD HP5 plus.

Lives and works in Haifa. Graduated WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education.

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