Lee Anne Braka

“My one eye is eaten by The other eye Itself eaten By the road.”



H 66cm
W 44cm


Artist Statement

You will always find me with a 35 mm camera in my hand.
My photographic work deals with everyday life, usually in the form of a photo book.

I’m interested in storytelling and how series, rhythm and combinations of images create stories, These stories can of course be more or less concrete or abstract.

Therefore a photo book is the ultimate way of expression for me, and I believe the photo book is connected to the mediums of film and written poetry. At the same time, I continue to examine the images on the wall, in different sizes and in different contexts. It’s all a game of giving different meanings.

I aspire to become a great story teller through photography.

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Graduated Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2020.

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