Stav Tsur

In a Place



H 50cm
W 60cm


Artist Statement

In an unfamilliar homely space, I choose personal objects, organize and put them together at different corners of the house to make a new space that exists in the photograph itself.

The action of installation and building of objects is done intuitively and experimentally while thinking about simplicity, delicacy and minimalism in an unusual way.

A playfull action is carried out behind the scenes and behind the camera trying to make the familiar into the unfamiliar, to release the usual way that we absorb things and give them back their life. That way, minor daily objects from home become meaningful thanks to the photograph, while homely space slowly loses its base in reality and become a fantastic and imaginary space.

By that process I create surreal scenes, connections that validate through the photograph itself. The photographic medium transforms from an action of documentation to an action that creates scenes in the photographic space. These scenes transform the foreign and chaotic into peace and tranquility.

Lives and works in Jerusalem. Graduated Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2020.

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