Yael Eshel

Deathly Silence



H 35cm
W 55cm


Artist Statement

Since last year, the covid19 pandemic and the prolonged quarantine has led my creative processes to diminish.

In the same way the world has stopped, my new projects and ideas have ceased from moving.

I found myself looking anew at my old photographs, those who have been forgotten, and creating from them an archive of images, an archive of dying.

I realised I am dealing with the dying body, and this perspective applies to almost every object to which I turn the camera to.

Simultaniously, I combine aesthetics of beauty through which I build “the beautiful dying” presenting dying as an act which is permitted instead of taboo. For example, in “The revive” project I document the dead sea through my black and white film camera, taking out the sea’s magic and spectacular colors which still exist, even though it’s being extinguished.

In this similar way, I also chose to work on my final project. As soon as I realised I had breast cancer, I chose to document myself throughout the whole process of treatments and rehabilitation, not knowing whether I am documenting a physical dying or a spiritual one.

The camera has always been the object that accompanies me in the world, through which I am looking at it slowly, ponding, and observing.

Photo was taken with 35mm B&W film.

Lives and works in Israel. Graduated Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2020.

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