Tal Azulay

Atarim #11



H 50cm
W 100cm


Artist Statement

Following my sailing career, I started to take an interest in art and aesthetics. I’m self employed with my own studio working as an advertising & product photographer while continuing to create my own personal work.

I create and construct installations from objects before photographing them. The photography is only one part of the work – in some works I use the image as a “raw” material to create an installation / a photographic object, and in some works the image is the work itself.

I’m driven and inspired by the objects, applying my technical skills from my commercial work and using them in my creations.

I have taken part in group exhibitions in various galleries in Tel Aviv and across Israel. My final graduation project was awarded a scholarship from “the Print House”.

Lives and works in Herzliya. Graduated Minshar School of Art in 2018.

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