Sandra Baron

32 pieces set



H 24cm
W 36cm


Artist Statement

I was born and raised in Portugal, immigrated to Israel at the age of 28 and converted to Judaism.

I live and work in Pardesiya, Israel.

My works combine different photography techniques that rely on the history of the medium (for example: photograms, Polaroid photography), staged photography, and installation in which photography itself sometimes becomes an object, since I also see photography as a material.

The topics that concern me are related to immigration and memory, to traditional objects that hold history within them, and to the female body.

I look at myself as not being a local of Israel and the medium of photography allows me to explore the option of building a new identity and belonging.

Longing accompanies my work process and questions arise from it related to tradition, identity, and the power of the object to define its owner. I examine the concept of Home in parallel with its opposite – Home-Less. I connect home to what fills it, and my identity to what fills me.

In my works I identify tension and struggle around the experience of the disappearance of the past, which in my opinion also exist in the act of photography.

Lives and works in Israel. Graduated Minshar School or Art in 2020.

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